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5 business tips by retail your business

5 Small Business Tips Every Entrepreneur Should Follow

Are you overwhelmed by all that has to be done when running your own Business? When running a Small Business, there are many things to plan and to do. And probably it is YOU to do all of them since there is not anyone else around. Do you follow any Small Business tip to keep focused?

Entrepreneur Beth Kirby portrait

An Entrepreneur that Follow her Dreams & Turns Passion into a Living: Local Milk

Beth Kirby is an entrepreneur blogger that describes herself as a photographer, stylist, creative consultant and recipe developer as well as the creator of the food, travel, & lifestyle blog Local Milk. It’s a pretty busy life for someone that believes in the art of slow living!

Maians lifestyle

Discover Maians: Barceloneta Lifestyle Shoes 100% Handmade in Spain

Maians is a Barcelona based shoe label founded by three independent characters with one common vision: to create a footwear brand built on three key pillars: 100% Handmade in Spain, Barceloneta Lifestyle and The Sole Revival. Are you ready to discover the brand?

The Barkershop logo

The BarkberShop: a Grooming Studio & Café for Pets

If you happen to be in Jakarta (Indonesia) you might want to visit The BarkberShop, a new concept of Grooming Studio & Café for pets. They have created a bright, fresh, and playful interior environment which is both pet and people friendly.